Fax Entries . . .


  • Fax entries will be accepted up to the closing time and date.

  • The fax entry number is 320-963-6087.

  • Official AKC Entry Forms must be used and both sides of the entry form must be transmitted.  Please visit the club event directory for the event you plan to enter . . . faxable entry forms and cover sheets can be downloaded and printed.

  • The following items must appear on a cover sheet, accompanying the entries.

    • cardholder's name

    • cardholder's address, city, state, and postal code

    • phone number and/or email address

    • credit card issuer's name (Visa or Master Card only)

    • credit card number

    • expiration date

    • card security code . . . the 3-digit code is located on the back of your card, inside the signature area, typically the signature panel will have a series of numbers, but only the last three digits make up the security code

    • signature

  • Please . . . do not write the credit card information of the entry form.

  • Fax Entry fee is $2.50 per class entry per show in addition to entry fees.

  • Credit cards can only be used for fax entries.

  • Proof of transmission is not proof of receipt of legible or complete transmission.  Senders of Illegible or incomplete transmissions will be notified, providing a fax number, phone number, or email address has been included. 

  • Conditional, unsigned,  incomplete entries, entries without the back side or the entry form, or entries without credit card information will not be accepted.  All cancellations and changes must be written and received by the Show Secretary before the closing time and date.



download fax entry cover sheet


Revised:  08/30/2007